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Casio Set Price Till
CASIO Set Price Till

I may have said this before but effectively the POS and Cash Register Market divides broadly into two categories HOSPITALITY and RETAIL. This post will deal only with the hospitality sector.


Sharp Set Price Till
SHARP Set Price Till

This market sector covers the café, restaurant and fast food market sectors.  In the 80’s the common solution was the SET PRICE TILL (there is a new word for you).

The SET PRICE TILL is characterised by the flat keypad where products are laid out individually to aid the fast and accurate sales of product (items). Two examples from the leading manufacturers are shown in the picture.

Today there are many variations on the theme and the touch screen is simply the evolutionary result of advances in technology.

The video here will demonstrate the features of the current offering from one of many manufacturers, what to look for and more importantly what to look out for.

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