Roll on September 13th

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Hello Cash Register Land –

What is the significance of the date?

It is my birthday celebrating 70 years on the planet that started in a little town just outside New York City and took me halfway across the world to New Zealand where I found out that all New Zealanders have “rubber bands” attached to them so they can not travel or stay too far from the “Land of the Long White Cloud”

Now we all live in the “Land of the Long Weekend” in the “City of NO RIGHT TURNS”

So not only is it my birthday, BUT it also signifies 49 years of married life with Karen on the 12th.

Pretty good don’t you think?

Just a little back ground for you to let you know ‘Ive pretty much seen it all, been there, done that and this little piece is only the beginning where I will , as we go on from here, roam over the subject of Cash Registers and Point of Sale from a different perspective.

Please don’t hesitate to add your comments and or questions as we move along.

I generally have an answer for everything (what else can you expect) even if it is…….. WHY.


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