Software to Maintain Your Quorion


The QProg for Windows Software Application provides a simple way to enter and maintain your Quorion program, Maintain your Wan and update selected registers and finally to consolidate your reporting.  This is unique to Quorion and is provided free with ALL Quorion solutions.

electronic-journal-viewerElectronic Journal View (EJV)

This application is an advanced tool and is supplied directly by Quorion upon request.  There is a cost attached but the results are well worth it. Some of features and functionalities are:

  • E-Journal analysis independent of cash register configuration
  • Reports generated a graphical outputs (bar graphs and pie charts)
  • Analysis tools and options that cash registers cannot make available
  • Long term analysis with nearly unlimited time frame
  • Comprehensive and complete data set from E-Journal
  • PLU by day, week or month filters
  • PLU filters (winners and losers)
  • Analysis of sales data for individual clerks / users