NCR Class 6000 Reborn and Recycled

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Class 6000 Left and Class 51 Right
Class 6000 Left and Class 51 Right

This is an NCR Class 6000 that I came upon over 8 years ago.  When loaded into the back of my Holden Combo Van the front wheels nearly came off the ground.  It is HEAVY

Having carted it from house to house over the years I decided it had to either go or get lighter.  It got lighter and I kept all the screws and parts and donated them to Milton Griffiths in Perth who actually can say he serviced them in his day at NCR (Australia)

NCR Class 6000-1I hauled out the old case and put a new Quorion QTouch 10 Inside to see how it would shape up and this is the interim result.


This is my first blog post by myself so apologies for the kindergarten approach.

Keep an eye on this and you will see more stories including the end result of my experiment.



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