When An Apple Is NOT An Apple

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National Cash Register
National Cash Register Group 15

We have moved a long way from the old National Cash Register as shown here to the modern Electronic Cash Register (ECR) but the principal has not changed.

We have recently seen the arrival of the “app” for the Apple iPod attempting to position itself as a contender in the POS market. ┬áThe problem as I see it is the focus of Apple on the volume market specifically entertainment and that is not the hallmark of the cash register of POS device.

Not only do the developers lack a basic understanding of the purpose but everything has to be “approved” by apple and if there is a “bug” the fix is not immediate as again it has to move through the laborious process of “approval” by Apple.

One thought on “When An Apple Is NOT An Apple

  1. The autoparts store had so many drawers under it required a tow truck to move it out. Maintenance cost was 100.00 a year for cleaning and shop supplies.. and you could hide behind it. Apple was fruit in 1970……………………………….
    Alas, the movement to use accounting tools running in a “cloud” that you
    use a consumer built tablet to access. Do you remember the promise of the “paperless office”?
    The “cloud office” is fraught with security and accountability issues. Signal and data loss are the norm and I’ve seen business shut when comm line drops… locking the doors took a blizzard in 1970…………………………..

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