How To Buy a Cash Register or POS

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QMP18 Retail Cash Register Solution
RETAIL SOLUTION – 12 Category Simple

This is part one of a series where we will cover some of the issues and terms that we experience from inquiries. We hope you will find this helpful in understanding what can be a significant purchase.

The Market

QMP2164 RETAIL System
RETAIL SOLUTION – 30 Category with optional LAN connectivity

Generally speaking, the market divides broadly into two distinct sectors, RETAIL where products are sold by the item and usually with the use of a barcode scanner.

In cash register terms the most common solution uses the raised keypad and we show two models here, simple with 12 Categories and the other with up  to 30.

For the HOSPITALITY solution the flat keypad is the preferred  option providing up to 80 key positions for individual products.  This model is often referred to as a SET PRICE TILL because the prices are preset for speed of service.

Cash Register Accessories

POS SOLUTION - QMP2000 POS System Sydney
HOSPITALITY SOLUTION – Flat keypad with up to 80 flat product or category keys

There are common peripherals that you would need to operate your business, such as cash drawer, scanner, scale, eftpos terminals, etc.

Most of the modern systems, particularly POS systems for hospitality sector come as a standalone unit without any peripherals. So it is crucial that before you commit to but a unit, you ask for what you need and get a thorough understanding of the system as a whole.


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