The following FAQs apply to TOWA-AX100.

What Does EP2 Mean?

The receipt paper has run out. Insert a new roll and MAKE SURE if feeds from the bottom, otherwise you will have no printing

What does BATLO Mean how can I fix this?

The battery compartment is located at the front of the register and takes three AA type batteries. If they are not replaced yearly the registers program and sales data may be lost.
Only replace batteries with the mains power on!

What does The E5 Message mean?

Some how the clerk has been Logged Off
Press CLR Now press 1 and the ID key to log on clerk 1

How do I set the Time?

Turn Key to P Mode then Press 2 then XTIME enter time in 24HR HHMM then Press Cash then Back to R Mode

Can I get a monthly/weekly Report that shows Each Daily Report combined into one report?

Yes, after Running Daily Reports in Z Mode each Day you can turn to the Z Position run the days Report then Press PO then Cash to Get the Monthly or Weekly Report depending on how often you run this Report.

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3 thoughts on “TOWA FAQ

  1. Hi !
    I want to have copy of some daily report . I have daily taken out the z reports, but now
    I wamt to go back in time and take a copy of some dates ? How do I do this ?

    1. Anne This is not possable on this type of cash register.
      Once a Z report is taken it can not be reprinted the only way would be to Run the Second level Z Report PO Cash, this Report would need to have been run at regular intervals to be able to work out the difference of the missing Z report.

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