How do I set the POS Date & Time?

Switch to the P-Mode, enter the time using the format HHMM, click on the button Time, enter the date using the format DDMMYYYY and click on the button Date.
Then Switch to R -Mode

How do I change the price of a Product on the screen or in a Lookup List?

Switch to M -Mode Press 99 Subtotal then press Product that you want to change or the button where the Product is listed, then scroll to the required field make changes, press enter after each change is entered (prices are entered without decimal point), press exit to finish.

How do I clean my touch screen?

To clean your POS QTouch please use a lint-free dry or slightly damp cloth only. Disconnect the system from the power supply before cleaning. Do not use any abrasive substances or agents containing solvents.

Special caution is required when cleaning the display. Be careful not to scratch the surface and prevent any liquids from entering the housing.

In case of heavy pollution you may also use a damp cloth to clean the touch surface. Please use only warm water or a special screen cleaner to damp the cloth. Never put the liquid directly on the screen, but only on the cloth. The cloth should only be damp, but not wet!

How do I Calibrate the Touch Screen?

  1. Switch on the POS QTouch 10.
  2. If the picture of the Linux Penguin comes up, put your finger in the middle of the touch screen and hold it depressed.
  3. Still hold the touch screen depressed if the cash register program is started. After a few seconds the calibration tool will launch.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to calibrate the touch.

What does the “H” mean

If there is an H displayed in the upper right hand corner this indicates that there is an incomplete sale attached to a Clerk. If you Tap the clerk button it will show you which clerk has a sale with a *. The Sale needs to be completed or cancelled by that particular Clerk.

How do I backup my QTouch 10 to USB without a PC?

Connect a USB Stick to the back of the Register wait a few seconds for it to connect then Switch to P-Mode, enter 206 on the TYPE key a menu will be displayed for WRITING BMP and MAP files, PROGRAM BACKUP 1, 2, 3 and 4. to the USB Stick.

How do I list the amounts on Tables during service?

Switch to Mode X then Press Cash which lists all of the Reports select Open Table Report which is usually Report number 5.

How do I cancel items or the whole sale?

When making registrations, if you wish to correct the last line simply press the ERROR CORRECT key once

If you need to correct an item entered earlier in the sale you could press the up arrow and then ERROR CORRECT the item.

To cancel the sale just press the Cancel Key (this could be better to use as the corrections and Voids are not printed on the customers Receipt.

What does MC# Mean on my networked POS.

If there is a MC# message in the top right hand screen then there is a problem communicating with other registers on the network, a Register may be off or disconnected from the Network. This message will come up when getting a consolidated report or opening a table or a starting a floating clerk on a networked system.

I have a scale connected to my Register. Why do I get a Scale Error message?

If a scale is connected to the Register and a scale error is displayed the weighted item may have been read twice if you remove the item for a few seconds and then re-weigh it the error should not be displayed again.

Can I mount my POS on a Pole?

The QTouch POS systems have built-in holes for the VESA mount attachment on the bottom of the housing. Depending upon the model the mount holes are 75mm or 50 mm apart (QTouch10, lower hole pair).

I have an EFT connected to my POS. Can a customer get cash out from the Register.

If a customer wants to pay with EFT but at the same time wants to withdraw cash from his account, when you enter the amount on the X key before you press the EFT key the register will add the amount to the sales total and use it as entry on the EFT function.

A customer has returned an item. Can I refund the item in the Register for an EFT transaction?

Yes. Press REFUND then the item it be refunded now press EFT key, a Negative amount will be presented to the EFTPOS Machine.

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