Meet The Team

Jon Brewster – Managing Director


Jon – The founder and owner of Sydney Cash Registers over 20 years ago.  You name it he has done it.  A Kiwi by adoption (it comes with the marriage certificate) and an Australian by naturalization but an American at heart, Born in the suburbs of New York he joined the navy to see the world and that was the last New York saw of him for over 30 years. Jon  is the “pack leader” and has a wealth of knowledge about a lot of things including Casio Cash Registers.  Check out his “HOW TO” videos and notes.






Paul Guthrie – Support Manager


Paul  – A Kiwi by birth Paul is our support person and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the Quorion product.  He has spent a lot of time exploring the corners so we “know” what the facts are and do not state features and benefits blindly.  He is also in direct contact with QUORION support in Germany. We are sure his “HOW TOs” will be of value to new and existing customers alike so please have a look.  He is truly qualified as “family” and has been part of Sydney Cash Registers since 2009.






Babak Barati – Professional Services


Babak – became involved with us in 2010 to assist Jon with managing the IT requirements of Sydney Cash Registers.  This evolved into a closer relationship over the years as he completed his Doctorate in Telecommunications at The University of Sydney.  He has worked in the SEO (search engine optimization) area with a number of companies and brings a wealth of skills to the business.  His objectivity is welcome and he is instrumental in keeping the management focus tight. He is also the Technology Advisor offering professional services to the team as well as the clients.