About Us

About Sydney Cash Registers & Our Services

The business started from humble beginnings in the late 80s in Parramatta. As the name suggests, we sell Cash Registers and we do it in Sydney.

Over the years, technology has progressed and the traditional cash register has evolved in keeping with both the available technology and the demands of the market.

SYDNEY CASH REGISTERS has continued to keep pace with changes with a focus on the HOSPITALITY sector and now services the greater Sydney area from our premises in Ashbury, 15 minutes from the Sydney CBD.

Some of the more significant changes include increased capacity for stock and customer management, remote access via the Internet and the arrival of the touch screen cash register. The terminology has not escaped change and has expanded to include POS or Point Of Sale.

Of all the changes, perhaps the most dramatic has been the development of the “Hand Held” order device which makes exclusive use of “wireless” communications and has the capability to increase the efficiency of a cafe or restaurant that has a large area to service or where there are numerous small orders like a Japanese Restaurant or Tapas Bar.

The cash register has always been a mystery to the majority of potential customers and that has not changed, if anything it has become even more confusing as sales people put the “technology” spin on the process.

At SYDNEY CASH REGISTERS we have always taken the role of “consultant“, listening carefully to the requirements of the customer and then applying available technology from a range of proven products to provide the required solution. It often escapes notice that as a provider, we have to make the first choice and are effectively the first customer.

If you have any questions please Give us a call at (02) 9716 8660 or simply use the contact form to the right. We try to be responsive.