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Finding the Best Cash Register or POS System for Your Business can be challenging, whether it is a low cost, entry level Cash Register or a full Point Of Sale system.

Retail stores, Restaurants, Cafes, Fast food outlets, Grocery stores, even MOBILE, Large or Small - we’ve got you covered!

Investing in a POS system for your business.

The Sydcash Advantage

Sydcash understands the intricacies of retail businesses and we can help you with advice on the best and most cost-effective solutions for your business and budget. That's why we have chosen QUORiON systems. We offer a comprehensive product line, ranging from small Cash Registers, to touch screen POS systems.

Our long term Partnership Philosophy and Objectives are to provide you with the optimum solution!

  • Reliable tailored solutions to your business
  • In-house & online support and training
  • Flexible Payment Options and Finance
  • Warranty - Backed by our suppliers' warranties
  • A depth of experience and support to provide you with a committed supplier for all your POS requirements

Intuitive features, powerful results.

With QUORiON systems in over 80 Countries, businesses like yours can rely on QUORiON for your Point of Sale Needs.

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QUORiON POS systems and Cash Registers differentiate from other manufacturers by offering a consistently high quality standard has achieved QUORiON with the DIN ISO 9001 Certification.

Dedication to Excellence

  • Quality Made in Germany
  • Rapid Delivery & High ROI
  • Commitment to excellent through support including software upgrades

Future Proof with Confidence

  • Flexibility - Customized POS Systems
  • QUORiON combines tradition with a sense for the future. Steer clear of generic point of sale producers & companies hyping inferior point of sale Apps with little to offer.

See how we can achieve business success together.

Retail Stores

Comprehensive retail point of sale solutions for increase profitability, maximize control, & deliver a competitive edge.

Ideal for Kiosks. Stores, Boutiques, Groceries, Supermarkets

Food Service

Tailor your restaurant point of sale to the ultimate and provide a comprehensive dining experience for your guest.

Ideal for Cafes and Coffee Shops, Fast Food Outlets, Bars & Hotels, Restaurants


Retail Services

Touch screen point of sale terminals that can deliver a complete POS solution to streamline operations & maximize profits for your Salon, Spa, Dry Cleaning service and more.

Ideal for Salons, Spas, Dry Cleaners, News Agents.


Bakery point of sale terminals at the fraction of the cost you would ordinarily pay for competing products.

Ideal for Small Bakeries, Cakes Shops, Patisseries and Bakery Chains

Fiscal Memory Module

What does it do?
Should the need arise, you can outfit our machines with a fiscal memory module. Provides the option to securely store sales data for tax purposes.

Satisfaction & Value
Easily up-gradable, the QUORiON will save you from purchasing of a whole new Cash Register, if you every require data storage.

Small Footprint

Compact Design
QUORiON Cash Registers are small and light, making their compact design suitable for small and large retail outlets and require little space to set up.

QUORiON Cash Registers require little to no space to use.

Integrated Printer

Advantage - Easy-Load
Prints out receipts and makes loading paper rolls EASY. Just drop the paper roll into the Cash Register.

No need to buy an external printer for additional cost and saves on reload time. This is especially useful during peak operation, because it minimizes delays.

Fast Thermal Printer

Latest print technology that uses heat to burn characters into paper.

Quiet, fast, & graphics capable. Easily print logos or advertisements on your receipts.

Brand your business with customized receipt headers and graphics.

First Rate Interfaces

What does it do?
QUORiON Interface provides communication with peripheral devices. You can Expand your Cash Register's functions via the USB port to add a cash drawer, a scanner or a scale.

Offers enhanced convenience to your customers and gives you flexibility on how to best use your Cash Register.

User-Friendly Software

Advantages - What does it do?
Provides a GUI to easily program your Cash Register. Comfortably program system parameters, departments, taxes, PLUs, users, and much more with Q-Prog

Benefits & Value
Saves time in getting your Cash Register fully programmed and operational.

See what our clients say

Our experience with Sydney Cash Registers and QUORiON goes back several years. We have four QTouch units.

I continue to be impressed at just how simple the QUORiON system really is. We have never required a service call for broken or malfunctioning hardware and any queries or adjustments have been efficiently provided by phone or text message. READ FULL REVIEW...

Nigel Marsh - Green Square Hotel

We use a Cash Registers in our company store with a scanner to ensure accurate and timely sales transactions. This was over 4 years ago and we have purchased additional units for Sydney and New Zealand stores. QUORiON Cash Registers are easy to maintain and give little trouble.

The support from Sydney Cash Registers is always timely and professional. READ FULL REVIEW...

Stacey Pearce - Johnson and Johnson

We have been a user of QUORiON for over 3 years in our bakery on the University in Canberra.

They have always been there when we needed them and have an impressive knowledge of their products and our industry. READ FULL REVIEW...

Oscars Bakery

Sydney Cash Registers and QUORiON came via a recommendation from a friend.

We installed QUORiON QTouch 10 at 2 of our restaurants.

Reliable, simple and rarely requires any maintenance. Assistance is readily available. READ FULL REVIEW...

The Gonis Schnitzelria - Green Square Hotel

I have been in the industry for over 45 years and have experienced the good the bad and the ugly of products and support from a variety of “distributors”.

It is a rare occurrence to find a good product with good support but QUORiON and Sydcash deliver both. READ FULL REVIEW...

Jim McDermott

We have 8 QUORiON QTouch10 registers and have never had a single issue.

Easy to use, never break down and once set up are very easy to update!

Mooseheads strongly recommends the QTouch 10 register for anyone who needs a hardworking, long-lasting and easy to use Solution. READ FULL REVIEW...

Tadija Miladinovic - Mooseheads Pub & Nightclub

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